Product List – Cakes

Although I generally design each cake individually and tailor to your specific needs, this is a list of popular event cakes.

14039998_1710383535889762_1530888196715800801_nBaked Citrus Cheesecake $80   (1 x 26cm Tier)

Homemade whipped ricotta on a crunchy gf base, with flavours of lemon and orange with a tangelo glaze. Seasonally decorated.



Persian Love Cake $80-$100 dependent on size

Flavours of lime, pistachio, rose and yoghurt, garnished with edible rose petal dust and Turkish delight.


Two Tier Jaffa Torte $90 reg / $100 gf         (2 x 22cm tiers)

Rich moist chocolate and orange cake, layered with citrus cream, dark choc ganache and crushed jaffas.


Baked Chocolate Coconut & Rose Tart $80 gf (1 x 26cm Tier)

Decadent dark Peruvian chocolate with hints of rosewater and coconut on a crunchy nut base


Traditional Lamington Cake $60                 (2 x 22cm tiers)

Light sponge, dipped in chocolate sauce, layered with vanilla cream and jam, and topped with toasted coconut.


Orange & Almond Torte, gf & df $60           (1 x 24cm tier)

Moist orange cake with seasonal fruit syrup and compote, honey glazed almonds and edible flowers.

Pictures of variations of this cake available upon request

IMG_3691Lime & Raspberry Buttermilk Swirl Cake $100 with floral feature.

(1 x 26cm tier OR 2 x 22cm tiers)

Zesty Lime and sweet raspberry marbled together in a cultured butter cake. With a citrus marscapone whipped icing.

(Please note floral features may vary due to season and availability.)

Pictures of variations of this cake available upon request.

IMG_2441Rhubarb, Coconut Sugar & Walnut Crumble Cake $60

(1 x 24cm tier)

A warming dessert style cake, perfect with custard or double cream.


Vanilla & White Choc Layer Cake $100      (2 x 24cm tiers)

Callebaut white chocolate and PNG vanilla beans in a rich cultured butter cake, layered with vanilla cream and iced with white choc buttercream. Seasonally decorated, seen here with edible gold.

IMG_2981Also a different styling of a white chocolate and vanilla, with hints of rose.


Dark Chocolate Torte $60 (1x 24cm tier)

Rich without being dense chocolate cake, with a variety of flavour addict a , eg hazelnut, whiskey,  spiced with cardamom, cayenne, cinnamon etc. Please note edible blooms as pictured not available year round.


White Chocolate & Salted Caramel Layer Cake $100

Three textured cake featuring White chocolate mud, Salted caramel butter cake and vanilla cheesecake. Layered with cream, praline and dark salted caramel. Topped with a toasted walnut, white chocolate and edible gold crumb



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